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The focus of all our vacuum chuck and workholding products is to improve production through modern workholding solutions. From our best-selling vacuum chuck to our free soft jaws download, our product lines will save you time and money.

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Watch how The Blower Shop used the Speed Change Pallet System to overhaul their machining. Here are some top benefits of this workholding system:

  • Fewer setups.
  • Faster part changes.
  • Less idle-spindle time.
  • Repeatability of .0002"
  • Simple operation... Simple installation.
  • An affordable workholding system that brings high production without high cost.
Pallet Changer Video

Workholding Products

Speed Change Pallet System
Pallet Retention System
Our flagship product is the newly redesigned Speed Change Pallet System. The SCPS is a manual pallet changer designed to dramatically increase production by allowing you to move more parts in and out of the machine faster than traditional vise workholding. The universal Base accepts four standard sizes of pallets (also known as fixture plates) that easily swap out in seconds. No wonder it's an industry leader in production workholding!
Vacuum Chuck SmartVac II
Vacuum Chuck
The SmartVac II vacuum chuck Workholding System is a simple and streamlined approach to vacuum chuck workholding. Not only does it NOT require an expensive and cumbersome vacuum pump, but the system also uses removable top plates to easily create custom fixtures for small or irregular parts. Plus, the system has the ability to link multiple bases and control them from a single control. No pump, no hassles, no brainer.
The Smart Stop
Smart Stop
Back by popular demand... Great workholding starts with great setups and if lathes are your machine of choice, you'll appreciate our 5C and 16C collet stops. Easy, one-handed adjustments and solid performance make this product a must-have tool.
The Smart Jaw
Smart Jaw Download
Why use aluminum soft jaws that only have one useable side and take too much time to install? The Smart Jaw ends the insanity. Now, you'll have four usable sides per jaw with the ability to quickly slide and flip the jaws on and off. Download the FREE drawing for this product and make as many sets of soft jaws as you need. It also makes a great garage or trade school project.

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